Pastor & Mentor Program

Pastor & Mentor Program

Though much of our education is academic in nature, we strongly believe that ministry training cannot take place solely in the classroom or over the internet. Practical application, character development, and spiritual formation all require personal relationships and real life experiences.

As a result, every student in our distance learning program is required to meet with a pastor or mentor in their local church on a regular basis. This pastor/mentor requirement is a part of our commitment to partner with local churches. As students learn about the Bible and its implications for life and ministry, their pastor/mentor will ensure that these insights are applied in their everyday lives. In addition, this pastor/mentor will ensure that the student is serving as a vital part of the life of his or her local church.

The pastor/mentor will be responsible for evaluating the student’s personal spiritual growth and commitment to the local church. These evaluations are an important part of assessing each student’s progress.