Admission to Trinity Theological Seminary is based on the student’s ability to satisfactorily complete the academic requirements. Other factors such as the individual’s Christian experience, call to ministry, and moral character are so taken into account. A non refundable application fee of $50.00 is required. Click here to apply online

A hard copy of the TTS application and registration form will be emailed to you after we receive the online application. You may mail or fax to us the completed application for further processing.

Enrollment Procedures

All applicants must use the online application form to enroll. All applications require:

1. TTS Student Application Form
2. Validation of High School diploma or higher degree
3. Official transcripts for all previous College credits
4. Two recent photos (passport size)
5. $50.00 application fee
6. $100.00 enrollment fee
7. Down payment (determined by degree program)
8. First months tuition payment
9. Bible Self-Assessment Test
10. Pastor and Mentor Contract
11. Ministry Involvement Form

To download the TTS Student Application Form, the Bible Self-Assessment Test, the Pastor and Mentor Contract and the Ministry Involvement Form, Click Here.

All applications are subject to approval.

Credit Transfers

Accepting credits earned at another institution is the prerogative of the receiving institution. No college, school or accrediting agency can require another institution to accept in transfer credit earned somewhere else. Even when the sending institution is accredited by the same agency as the receiving school, there is no guarantee credits will transfer.

Students wishing to transfer credits to other schools are responsible for finding out about the acceptance of credit by the receiving institution.

TTS accepts credits from approved Colleges or Seminaries. A minimum grade of “C” will be accepted. Please contact TTS via email to find out whether your previous College or Seminary is approved.

Advanced Standing Credits (Life Experience)

Students with ministerial experience may be granted credits based on their experience.

Financial Policies

Trinity Theological Seminary does not charge tuition based on credit hours. Instead, students are charged a set tuition fee for the degree program.

Tuition Payment

TTS accepts credit card and electronic check payments. Tuition may be paid in one full payment at time of enrollment or in monthly installments. The monthly installment program is designed to give students an affordable opportunity to begin a degree program without delay. Payments are for tuition fees only and do not include books and other fees.

Tuition payments for Individual courses

Students may enroll on a non-credit, auditing, individual class basis at a cost of $50.00 per credit hour.

Tuition does not include application fees or textbooks.

Refund Policy

Trinity Theological Seminary has a no refund policy.


Textbooks are included.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of $100.00 is required for each degree issued by TTS. The graduation fee is due no later than 30 days before the student is scheduled to graduate.

Delinquent payments

Payments which are delinquent by more than ten (10) days will be charged a late fee of $25.00. Payments delinquent by more than sixty (60) days will require the student to re-enroll unless previous arrangements have been made with TTS.


A transcript of credits received at TTS will be issued by the Registrar’s Office upon a receipt of a written request from the student. Transcripts are not issued until all academic and financial requirements have been met. Transcript fee is $10.00.