Ministry Involvement Program

TTS Ministry Requirement

Each student is required to be involved and or participate in at least 2 hours of ministry per week (24 hours per quarter). This ministry needs to be in conjunction with your local church and is designed to provide practical, hands on outlet for those things being learned via distance learning.

This requirement is non-academic and non-credit but required for graduation, and reflects TTS’s commitment to the local church and real world ministry. Students will be required to submit a Ministry Involvement Form before receiving their degree from Trinity Theological Seminary.

Students that complete their degree program in less than 24 months must still have no less than 192 hours of ministry involvement.

Students who do not have a church home are asked to choose a church ministry in the local community to serve in for the time they are students at TTS. Students may serve in any aspect of ministry including but not limited to youth ministry, children’s ministry, street ministry, homeless ministry or by participating in Sunday morning service.

Not only is this a way to support the local churches, but it is also a way for our students to sharpen their skills and kindle within them the heart of a servant.

Students will receive a Ministry Involvement Form via email upon enrollment.

The above requirements do not pertain those who serve as Senior Pastor’s, Bishop’s, Apostles and or Overseers.